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True Knowledge Introduces Siri Competitor, Evi

By   /  January 31, 2012  /  No Comments

A new article reports that Siri has found its first real competitor in Evi.

A new article reports that Siri has found its first real competitor in Evi: “Evi, which went live on Monday evening, is not the creation of a Google or a Microsoft. It’s the brainchild of William Tunstall-Pedoe, a British start-up entrepreneur who until a few years back taught computer science at the country’s august Cambridge University. ‘Evi Lives!’, his start-up, True Knowledge, announced on its blog Monday evening, as the app first became available for download for iPhone and Android users. Within hours it had shot to being the top download in the lifestyle category of Apple’s App Store, crashing True Knowledge’s servers.”

Tunstall-Pedoe stated, “There’s been all sorts of positive coverage and that’s led to a ton of traffic hitting our servers. We’re in the top ten iPhone apps and we’re the top app in the lifestyle category, and that’s just based on the downloads we’ve had in the last 15 hours.” The article adds, “There are several things that Siri does that Evi doesn’t do, at least not yet. For example, Siri can direct your phone to call people, and bring up files and the like. In contrast, Evi only answers questions, but Tunstall-Pedoe said that his company is planning to add phone-controlling functions later. He added that Evi is in many ways more advanced at artificial intelligence than Siri.”

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Image: Courtesy True Knowledge

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