TrueKnowledge Gives You the ‘Answer Engine’

Search engines will find interesting competition in, an ‘answer engine’ that provides users with direct answers to direct questions. The semantically powered engine already has answers to trillions of questions in its knowledge stores and is continually adding to its knowledge base.

According to co-founder William Tunstall-Pedoe, “is a website which answers the question. It doesn’t give you references to articles mentioning the words in the question. It gives you the answer.” The semantic technology used by is so powerful that the answer engine can answer questions it has never been asked before by combining existing knowledge to infer new facts and answers.

Tunstall-Pedoe says, “It doesn’t know everything but as we input more information it will know more and more. It’s cutting-edge use of computers. It uses unique semantic technology which has been many years in development.” For more on Tunstall-Pedoe, check out these articles:

...and this video of his participation in a SemTech keynote panel.

Image: Courtesy TrueKnowledge