Twelvefold Media Releases the Mindset Index

Twelvefold Media (previously BuzzLogic) today introduced the Mindset Index, a tool “to help brands better understand the intent and motivation of their target audiences. The Mindset Index analyzes the top 12 motivations that drive consumer action, in relation to a brand, product or topic. These include: Information Seeker, Review Seeker, Expert Advice Seeker, Looking to Shop, Deal Seeker, Affinity For, Excitement, Enthusiast, Early Adopter, Trend Follower, Planner/Planning For, and Activity Taker. The results deliver to advertisers a clear understanding of what is motivating a target audience, and how this compares to competitors and online averages. By understanding mindset, advertisers are able to define and execute media strategies that leverage an increased understanding of what drives their consumers.”

Julia Briggs Parsons, Vice President of Product at Twelvefold Media stated, “As online advertising evolves with real-time decision making and page-level insight, the ability to understand what motivates readers on a particular page is increasingly critical… The Mindset Index provides a view into what a consumer is motivated by that is both measurable and actionable - and built on the belief that, by knowing the reader’s motivation in relation to a brand or product, advertisers can further set media strategies that drive action.”