uKnow Closes a $500,000 Round of Seed Funding

uKnow, a company that provides advertisers with semantic tools to help them create custom distribution channels for ad campaigns has closed a $500,000 round of seed funding. According to the article, the main investors in this round of funding were iNovia Capital and the New York Angels.

uKnow’s targeting application is called BluePrint. BluePrint “uses semantic analysis and natural language processing to identify the content best suited to connecting brands with their audiences.” With this technology BluePrint is able to allow publishers and marketers to work together in order to create “custom channels that pinpoint a brand’s distinguishing characteristics.” The semantic advertising tool then picks out sites and pages that reflect the brand’s attributes and offers clients an opportunity to buy ad space on those sites.

uKnow also announced that it will be bringing on Eric Bingham, co-founder of as the company’s President. Most recently Bingham worked as the Chief Operating Officer at Undertone Networks, a digital display and video advertising network.

Image: Courtesy uKnow