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Unstructured Data and the Enterprise

By   /  September 9, 2012  /  1 Comment

About the Research Paper

In its most basic definition, unstructured data simply means any form of data that does not easily fit into a relational model or a set of database tables. Unstructured data exists in a variety of formats: books, audio, video, or even a collection of documents. In fact, some of this data may very well contain a measure of structure, such as chapters within a novel or the markup on a HTML Web page, but not a full data model typical of relational databases.

Many industry pundits claim that 80 to 85 percent of all enterprise data resides in an unstructured format. Some studies counter that statistic, arguing the true percentage is significantly less. DATAVER SITY’s own 2012 survey reflects a percentage below the commonly stated 80 percent. No matter the actual percentage compared to structured formats, there is little doubt the amount of unstructured data continues to grow.

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