Upcoming Hackathon Plans to Track Flow of Money in EU

2011 Knight News Challenge Winner Lucy Chambers recently wrote, "As a journalist, to understand European Union institutions, policies and commitments, you have to look where the money goes and understand who affects the money flow in the EU. As the influence of Brussels lobbyists grows, it is increasingly important to draw the connections between lobbying, policy-making and funding. The EU publishes information on its spending and also maintains a transparency register. These, however, are difficult for journalists and citizens to use. With OpenSpending, we set out to use the power of technology to catalyze greater government transparency by providing new tools for media and citizens to more easily access government data in searchable, sortable and machine readable formats."

She continues, "One step on our road to achieving this goal is a 'hackathon' where we aim to build tools that will help the media and citizens investigate the influence of Brussels lobbyists and where the money goes in the EU. Open Interests Europe, which will take place on November 24-25 at the Google Campus Cafe in London, brings together developers, designers, activists, journalists and other geeks for two days of collaboration, learning, fun, intense hacking and app building. Below are some of the projects we will be working on."

Read about those projects here.

Image: Courtesy Idea Lab