UpWest Labs Introduces 6 Startups

UpWest Labs reports, "At a Demo Day held in Palo Alto, UpWest Labs unveiled six new under-the-radar startups from its third graduating class of their startup accelerator focused on supporting Israel's best entrepreneurs.  The six startups presented a broad spectrum of technologies including context-aware & mobile content solutions, data mining & semantic technologies, mobile ecommerce platform and online video infrastructure."

One startup is AutomateIt: "a context-aware android app that makes your smartphone smarter.  The startup has developed a unique technology enabling users to automate their daily tasks on their smartphone.  For example, switching to silent mode when detecting a calendar meeting, switching off certain apps when the phone battery runs low, starting your favorite music or navigation app when headset or blue-tooth are plugged-in, etc.  Its vibrant user-base has translated the app to 14 languages, and shared over 3,000 automation rules through the newly launched marketplace. "

Another is KeyWee: "brings social context to every user in every site on every platform. The startup developed proprietary text mining algorithms that extract ~2,000,000 items from the user's Facebook feed, creating a "social score" for items such as books, movies, and restaurants.  When users browse their favorite sites, the KeyWee app highlights the top-scoring items it finds on the page. KeyWee is offered as a browser plug-in, a web-based widget for publishers and a tablet app."

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Image: Courtesy UpWest