Users Are Expecting More From Search Thanks to Semantic Tech


Colin Jeavons of Search Engine Journal recently wrote, "Millions of people are already using semantic search and they don’t know it. Some of the world’s most popular search engines and social networking sites are using the technology to make it easier to make connections, learn, and explore interests. It’s quietly become a part of our lives, and innovative companies are pushing the technology and industry toward new horizons. So, what changed? Actually, it was users. Last year, 20 percent of Google searches were new, due to the fact that people started typing sentences and paragraphs into search engines, expecting keyword searches to operate like natural language.  Today, user demands for answers to their questions are satiated with innovations like Google’s Hummingbird. People are now searching for 'cheap flights to Miami on January 7th” rather than just 'cheap flights.' This change in consumer behavior is a significant milestone."


Jeavons goes on, "Semantic search is a much more comprehensive and powerful technology that can return exact results based on the context, content, and user intent. Consumers are the winners in this new world of search. Today, users are getting access to the precise information they are seeking faster than ever before. The smart phone form factor has influenced this, but people want answers, and content creators are, and will continue to, bear the brunt of the challenges this new technology brings. SEO and SEM strategies that have been used over the last decade are quickly becoming obsolete, and will have a major impact on how content creators draw traffic."


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Image: Courtesy Google