Using Semantic Technology to Find 'Green Fields' in Life Science

Code-N Technology reports, "In response to the life science industry’s cry for improved research technology, Code-N Technology, Inc. is announcing an early access program to its cloud-based software that empowers scientists to quickly discover new opportunities for drug candidates. Chemists looking to find ‘green fields' of opportunity not yet claimed by their competition can access the Green Field Finder and perform concept-based searches that deliver results orders of magnitude faster than other commercial products."

The article continues, "According to Forbes Magazine, drug lead discovery is stalled because it takes 10 to 16 years and costs between $4 billion and $11 billion to create a successful new drug. And according to the Wall Street Journal, the pharmaceutical industry will lose $35 billion this year due to patent expirations. Code-N has acted to help alleviate these problems by providing next-generation software based on the open-architecture data model adopted by the pharmaceutical industry, which will speed up drug discovery and deliver cures faster."

It adds, "Code-N is a next-generation cloud computing company that leverages an advanced semantic web technology to deliver software solutions to business crippling “Big Data” problems that cannot be solved with today’s keyword-based Internet software and search technologies. Code-N is privileged to be an initial software provider of concept-based business solutions that will make massive data interoperable, unambiguous, non-redundant, and accessible for extracting industry specific intelligence."

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Image: Courtesy Code-N