Vestec Raises $1.5M for Semantic Health Care Technologies

A new article reports, "Vestec, Inc. a leader in cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies, today announced that they have secured a $1.5 million equity investment from V. Raman Kumar, founder and former CEO of MModal, the world’s largest clinical documentation company and pioneer of voice-based medical transcription… Mr. Kumar has joined Vestec’s Board of Directors as Vice Chairman and will also oversee the development of products and services for the global industry with a special focus on healthcare."

Dr. Fakhri Karray, Vestec’s primary Founder and Chairman commented, "Natural language understanding applications represent the next frontier in healthcare. We are very happy Raman will be contributing his considerable expertise and relationships to our team." Kumar added, "I am delighted to join the Board of Vestec. Healthcare has a growing need for natural language understanding technologies, and Vestec, with its strong IP and advanced AI platform offers many competitive advantages which we will productize and bring to market."

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Image: Courtesy Vestec