Veveo Argues that Current Pay TV UIs Aren't Cutting It


Mari Silbey of Light Reading recently wrote, "Pay-TV companies are investing heaps of money in new user interfaces (UIs). But, according to a new study sponsored by semantic technology company Veveo, more than 85 percent of customers still can't find anything to watch, at least some of the time. Veveo Inc. argues that current UIs are a big part of the problem, and that operators could reduce churn significantly by improving usability and adding new navigation features."

Silbey continues, "Cable companies widely consider TV search and recommendation technologies to be a crucial part of their program guide upgrade plans. Interestingly, however, the Veveo survey found that search functionality is much more important to subscribers than suggestions for new content to watch. Seventy-five percent of viewers said they would rather have better search capabilities than content recommendations. And, according to the research, customers would also be willing to extend their contracts, on average, by more than six months in exchange for a better search experience."

She adds, "Veveo also found that viewers are interested in new voice-controlled TV interfaces. Sixty percent said they would use a voice-controlled search feature if it was offered and, in a separate focus group, more than 70 percent said they would consider switching TV providers in order to try out conversational interface technology. Among Veveo's semantic technology solutions, the company offers a natural language television interface. Veveo Chief Marketing Officer Samrat Vasisht told Light Reading at The Cable Show last June that the company has about 100 trials of the speech-related technology currently underway."

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