Video: Intro to Semantic Web for the Publishing Industry

Publishing Technology has released a new video that provides an introduction to the semantic web and explains why it is important to the publishing industry. The description accompanying the video states, “At its most basic, the semantic web is all about improving search results, but the question we’re asked most often by people in the publishing industry is how does it work, and why is it relevant to them.”

It continues, “To help answer some of those questions we’ve made a series of videos. This is the first video in this series: an introduction to the semantic web. Here, our resident experts Louise Tutton, Randy Petway & Priya Parvatakir provide a basic overview of the semantic web, and explain how it promises to make products like books or journals more discoverable and ultimately increase conversion rates for publishers.”

Watch the video below, or get a much broader view of the semantic web’s role in media at the upcoming Semantic Web Media Summit next month in New York, NY.

Image: Courtesy Publishing Technologies