Video: KnowMED Wins the Semantic Start-Up Competition at SemTech

One of the many highlights from yesterday at the Semantic Technology and Business Conference in San Francisco was the exciting conclusion of the Semantic Start-Up Competition. After each of the ten finalist companies presented their pitches to the judges, the expert panel deliberated and ultimately selected KnowMED as the big winner.

The KnowMED website states, "In healthcare, critical decisions are made every day that affect individual patient care, population health, and national health policy.  The data to support these decisions creates its own challenge, as organizations must wade through a tsunami of data being generated from facilities, devices, and applications… KnowMED’s Clinical DISCOVERY PLATFORM fills the gap between BIG DATA and BIG ANALYTICS.  We leverage semantic web technology to take in data, harmonize clinical terminologies, and generate a knowledge base so that users and machines can access that data in a meaningful way to support clinical research and complex decision-making."

KnowMED's grand prize includes an award to be given at the conference, a featured article on, a speaking slot at a future SemTechBiz Conference, a 46" television, and advisory services provided by Ovative/Group.