Video: The Power of Google Voice Search

Jean-Louis Nguyen has posted a video showing some of the impressive results that Google can provide on Jelly Bean. Nguyen writes, "I never make videos, but felt compelled to share the many new voice capabilities on +Android, some of which were not demoed on stage during Google #io12. You may be surprised by some answers, notably those provided by the Knowledge Graph. This is not a performance or comparison test (I don't have an iPhone 4S or a Samsung Galaxy S3)."

Nguyen noted a few key observations from the video: "(1) Google will give you walking or driving directions directly, if you specify it. Asking for transit or biking directions does not work at the moment. (2) Google is able to distinguish how 'long' a bridge is in length vs. how 'long' a movie is in duration. That's assuming the data already exists in the KG. (3) Local search, coupled with auto-correct, is able to properly locate and spell 'Worcester Mass' and 'Wooster College', even though these places are in different states and can be pronounced the same way (or at least, I did). (4) The voice will speak back any answer it finds in the KG; however, Google currently requires that your query somewhat matches the way attributes are labeled in the Graph. For example, asking for the 'height requirement' of Space Mountain works, but asking 'how tall do I have to be for Space Mountain' does not work at the moment, because this particular data is labeled as 'height requirement'."

Nguyen also states, "Sorry, Siri! Although I'm not on the  #boycottapple bandwagon per se, I gotta say, it's becoming more difficult to love you."

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Randy Stewart