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Vital Big Data Jobs Still Going Unfilled

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2010-04-22by Angela Guess

Rick Delgado of Data Center Knowledge recently wrote, “Although Big Data is no longer a foreign concept to businesses they still face significant challenges when implementing it into their organizations. And the problem doesn’t stem from understanding its importance. Rather, it lies in finding the right people for the job. There are many reasons the Big Data skills shortage exists. Put plainly, there are too few true data scientists out there and that problem is only expected to grow if no action is taken. McKinsey & Co. has placed the shortfall of Big Data experts at anywhere from 140,000 to 190,000 by the year 2018.”

Delgado continues, “The technical and IT experts that companies have now, while perfectly capable and intelligent individuals, don’t currently have the skill sets needed to handle the Big Data revolution. For most of their career they’ve been trained to use more traditional databases, training that has a difficult time being applied to new Big Data techniques. Without the needed Big Data skills, plenty of jobs go unfilled. Some of the most in-demand job openings are for NoSQL experts (people that have experience with unstructured data systems), Apache Hadoop and Python experts, ETL developers, data warehouse appliance specialists, predictive analytics developers, and information architects.”

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