W3C Publishes Second Edition of RIF Recommendation

Ivan Herman of the W3C reports, "W3C published the Second Edition of the Rule Interchange Format (RIF). RIF was developed through a joint effort of members of the Business Rules, Semantic Web, and Logic Programming communities. It allows rules systems to be connected together for highly-structured knowledge to be accurately exchanged as explained in RIF Use Cases and Requirements. The Second Edition includes editorial improvements and a number of small corrections to the original specification, along with a new RIF Primer."

The six new standards are: RIF Core Dialect (Second Edition), which provides a standard, base level of functionality for interchange; RIF Basic Logic Dialect (Second Edition) and RIF Production Rule Dialect (Second Edition), which provide extended functionality matching two common classes of rule engines; RIF Framework for Logic Dialects (Second Edition), which describes how to extend RIF for use with a large class of systems; RIF Datatypes and Built-Ins 1.0 (Second Edition), which borrows heavily from XQuery and XPath for a set of basic operations; and RIF RDF and OWL Compatibility (Second Edition), which specifies how RIF works with RDF data and OWL ontologies."

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Image: Courtesy W3C