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Webinar: The Business Value of Data Modeling

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Original Air Date: August 21,2108

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About the Webinar

With changes in software development methodologies, the role of the data modeler has changed significantly. In many organizations, data modelers now find themselves on the outside looking in, relegated to documentation “after the fact” rather than active participation where the true value is added. In order to participate fully, modelers must not only adapt to an Agile work style, but must also be able to communicate the business value of model driven development.

This session is based on a real case study in which data modeling was introduced part-way through a significant software development project that was quickly losing momentum due to high defect levels. Ron Huizenga will show the contrast in metrics and cost when utilizing skilled data modelers versus a development-only approach, with topics including:

  • Modeler participation in multiple Agile teams
  • Defect categories and impact
  • Measurement and analysis techniques
  • Remediation strategy
  • Breakthrough quality improvements

This “must see” session is not only for data modelers and architects, but also the decision makers for these initiatives, with information that is vital to modelers, IT executives and business sponsors. So bring your boss to the session!


About the Speaker

Ron Huizenga

Senior Product Manager of Enterprise Architecture and Modeling, IDERA


Ron Huizenga is the Senior Product Manager of Enterprise Architecture and Modeling at IDERA. Ron has over 30 years of business and IT experience as an executive and consultant, spanning a diverse range of industries.  He is a proponent of continuous improvement and data quality, and also holds Six Sigma Lean and Black Belt certifications.  His  hands-on experience in large-scale enterprise initiatives includes enterprise & data architecture, business transformation and software development.  His background provides practical, real-world insights to enterprise data architecture, business architecture and governance initiatives.

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