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Webinar: Mapping Business Processes to Compliance Procedures

By   /  September 27, 2018  /  No Comments

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ORIGINAL AIR DATE:   September 25, 2018

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About the Webinar

As companies define their business objectives, they also need to establish business processes for the regulatory guidelines they will be required to meet, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, or SOX. Corporate legal teams need to validate the business’s compliance against the defined processes, so that they can understand how data flows and how the enterprise architecture helps with compliance to those regulations. Business and technical teams need a way to share the information on corporate objectives and reconcile it to the technical architecture. IDERA’s Kim Brushaber will discuss the challenges faced and how to use business processes for legal compliance.

About the Speaker

Kim Brushaber

Senior Product Manager for ER/Studio Business Architect, IDERA

Kim Brushaber is the Senior Product Manager for ER/Studio Business Architect at IDERA. Kim has over 20 years of experience as a Business Analyst, Software Developer, Product Manager, and IT Executive. Kim enjoys working as the translator between the business and the technical teams in an organization.


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