Webnodes AS Launches Semantic Web CMS Platform Version 4.5

Barry Levine of CMS Wire reports, "Norway-based content management provider Webnodes AS is out with version 4.5 of its .NET-based, semantic Web CMS platform. Enhancements include more options for load balancing, ontology merging, and content synchronizations between installations. Last summer, Webnodes released version 4 of its Web CMSt. The company distinguishes its approach to content management with a core Semantic Content Engine, aligning the system with the growth of the semantic Web. The Semantic Content Engine allows a custom ontology, or content model, to be created for each project. The result is content that is structured by meaning, able to be shared in a presentation-agnostic format or used to create a website’s navigational structure based on meaning relationships rather than page relationships."

He continues, "A semantic CMS compares with a traditional page-centric CMS, where a hierarchy resembles files and folders on a computer. The main idea is that, while the second generation of websites separated content and presentation, the semantic Web separates meaning from content and from presentation. This can lead to more accurate searching, more flexible content reuse, consistent content porting between sites, machine understanding of meaning, and other advantages. A semantically-tagged website, for instance, can understand which content describes a recipe’s ingredients, which is the name of the dish, and which describes the preparation."

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Image: Courtesy Webnodes