What You Need to Know About Google Authorship & Semantic Search

Brian Jensen of Business2Community reports, "In the summer of 2011, Google announced the support of authorship markup as a way for authors to verify content they’ve created and become authorities on specific topics. Early adopters quickly realized the benefits of the new tag and implementation has continued to grow since its release. Google says authorship is here to help searchers find great content which will improve the searcher experience. Recently, Google officially announced updating its algorithm to look at signals including authorship markup to help it provide searchers with in-depth articles in their results. To listen to what Matt Cutts has to say regarding how Google will evaluate the use of authorship markup moving forward you can watch this YouTube Video."

He notes, "As we enter the age of the semantic web, relationships, connections and interactions could all influence an author’s authority around a subject or topic in Google. Using a pen name for these efforts would make it difficult to establish meaningful relationships. Based off of comments we’ve heard from Google employees and industry experts, all signs point to the conclusion that content created by real authors will assist in building the author’s credibility, authority, and improve search results. Did Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt accurately describe the context of the situation when he said: 'The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance' or are there circumstances where remaining anonymous makes sense?"

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Image: Courtesy Google