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When MDM Projects Fail

By   /  November 26, 2012  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

Steve Sarsfield of Computer World UK recently discussed why some Master Data Management projects fail. He writes, “If we take the key goal as being the creation a consolidated accurate view of enterprise data and using that to drive enhanced business decision-making, leading to improved business performance and increased business agility, then some projects are wildly successful. Others are yet to prove business value. While the potential benefits of MDM are clear, actual success depends on a number of factors. Let’s consider five key reasons why MDM projects can go wrong and briefly look at how a new model for master data can deliver value for customers.”

The first has to do with leveraging other IT and business systems: “The technology within MDM is a sometimes a mish-mash of several technologies that have come together over the years. MDM is about accessing data, creating a central repository and matching records and identifying a golden record or single version of the truth, among other things. However, there are also related technologies like business process management (BPM) are used in the process. Companies are increasingly trying to understand how MDM can be integrated to deliver added value in Big Data projects and vice versa.  Companies even find success in MDM with technologies like web portals and wikis to communicate the status data management.  It’s a complex co-mingling of technologies, combined with business processes that make MDM successful.”

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