Why Search is in Vogue

Barbara Starr of Search Engine Land recently wrote, "Search is strongly featured in the all-important September issue of Vogue, which includes a 10-page layout of models wearing Google Glass, along with an in-depth feature on Yahoo CEO, Marissa Meyer, looking simply stunning and chic. Google Glass and the latest trends in search are now so hot that they are no longer considered geeky but rather cool and hip. Technology (and fashion) are all about providing you with the next thing you can’t live without. If we look to this month’s Vogue as a harbinger of must-have things to come in the world of search, we can deduce that the next generation of search — semantic search — will soon be essential for marketers."

Starr continues, "The Knowledge Graph (or any entity graph) is based on internal, verified and validated structured data that facilitate the existence of answer engines. Evolving into answer engines is the natural, long-term goal of search engines because they provide a better experience for the user than searching through lists of results. And an answer is better suited for display purposes on alternative devices (like Google Glass or a watch) than a typical computer screen. How much more convenient would it be to get the right information delivered to you at the right time in the right form? This is provided to you in the form of cards in Google Now and Google Glass — the latter of which is not by a long shot the last form of wearable device you’ll be seeing (as evidenced by the formation of Glassomics and similar related entities)."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Associated Fabrication