Wikimedia Foundation Moving Forward with Wikivoyage Travel Info Site

Dara Karr of reports that the Wikimedia Foundation is set to launch a new ad-free travel website, Wikivoyage. Karr writes, "Want to know more about the German spa city called Baden Baden, or 'Bathing Bathing?' Or how to get to Khajuraho -- an Indian town known for its ancient erotic rock carvings? All this and more will be in the Wikimedia Foundation's new travel site, called Wikivoyage. A bare-bones version of the site has already been up and running since September, but the official launch of the filled-out site is tentatively scheduled for January 15, according to Skift."

Karr continues, "Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales appeared on The Colbert Report yesterday and confirmed that the site would be launching 'soon.' Wales told the show's host that the site does not have a business model and will not have any advertising -- as is the case for all sites run by the Wikimedia Foundation. The goal of Wikivoyage is to provide users with information on travel destinations and recommendations on restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and more. The site's content is filled out with the open source wiki tool that lets users create, update, and edit any article on the site."

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Image: Courtesy Wikivoyage