Wolfram Launches Genealogy & Personal Finance Assistants

Wolfram recently launched “the Wolfram Genealogy & History Research Assistant and the Wolfram Personal Finance Assistant Apps for iOS! These new additions to Wolfram’s wide offering of specialized apps are the first in our series of Personal Assistant Apps, which use Wolfram’s vast knowledge base to enrich topics that matter most to you. Explore the world of your ancestors with the Wolfram Genealogy & History Research Assistant, the only tool that lets you discover what was going on while they lived. Map family relations and expand on what you already know about any of your ancestors with a simple, easy-to-use interface. It’s as if you’re traveling through time with the tips of your fingers.”

The announcement continues, “The Wolfram Personal Finance Assistant App includes basic and complex calculations to help you manage your financial life. Use the app to plan for your future, calculate your current expenses, and find ways to pay off your loans faster. Thinking of moving within the US? Compare housing and utility prices, tax rates, and cost of living by state. Whether you’re considering taking out a loan for a new purchase or are looking to pay off a current debt, you can use this app to calculate your loan repayment schedule. If you’re relocating from Chicago to New York, the Relocation Calculator can compare the cost of living, each city’s population, median home sale prices, and more.”

Each app is currently available for $4.99 in the App Store.

Image: Courtesy Wolfram