WorldCat Facebook App Now Featuring Linked Data

Following the recent announcement that pages now include markup, OCLC has announced that the WorldCat Facebook app will now also feature Linked Data. The article states, "The availability of Linked Data in has everyone here very excited. We had been anxiously awaiting the chance to make use of this new feature in our own applications, and are now beginning to try it out."

It continues, "You may have already seen the bookmarklet developed by OCLC Developer Network staff that show how to extract markup to send information to Goodreads or to a Patron Drive Acquisitions system that accepts data via OpenURL, or the bookmarklet that extracts author URIs and uses those to query VIAF for links to DBPedia. If not, you should definitely check those out."

The article goes on, "Similar to the author URI bookmarklet, we also recently added an experimental new display to the WorldCat Facebook app. If you select the 'related people and topics' link for a title in a search result, you’ll see a display of descriptive metadata from the markup, as well as links to people that have Wikipedia pages and related topics from Wikipedia. We’re using two other OCLC Linked Data services, VIAF for people and FAST for topics, as well as DBPedia and the WikiMedia API, to make those connections."

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Image: Courtesy OCLC