Xen Launches Semantic 'Interest' Engine

Xen has announced that the company is launching a new interest engine as well as a suite of products "including its online site (xen.com) and three apps (Interesting, Meedar and TalkTopic), to illustrate how fluidly your interest graph can travel with you.  Xen enables you to take control of your online persona and take it wherever you go online. Interests connect everybody and everything across the open web.  Today's announcement is the first of a multi-part strategy to turn interests into a currency that engages people, developers, publishers and brands. By creating a standard for expressing interests and a platform to take ownership of them, the Xen interest exchange becomes a standard for personalization across applications, sites and social networks."

The article explains, "Xen gathers your existing online preferences from social networks and across the open web, allowing you to build a custom interest graph to reflect who you truly are. Xen's semantic powered search can be used to fine-tune your profile – what you like and what you don't (i.e. you love Justin Bieber, BBQ, bulldogs and your alma mater, but you can do without sushi, rollerblades and Lady Gaga).  The resulting interest graph becomes an accurate and up-to-date expression of your persona that's portable, for the first time."

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Image: Courtesy Xen