Xyo Opens Up Its Contextual Ad Program


Dean Takahashi of Venture Beat recently wrote, "Xyo is tackling the problem of mobile discovery — finding the right app in a sea of duds on the app stores — with a search engine that makes it easier to find the mobile app that you’re looking for. And today, the company is launching a new app advertising product that lets publishers advertise their app in more than 200 natural points for discovery. The Contextual App Advertising program is now available as an open beta as an alternative form of advertising. By 'contextual,' Xyo means that it can dsiplay advertising where the user cares about it. Xyo believes that traditional keyword-based ads aren’t effective for mobile app discovery."


Takahashi continues, "In contrast to older approaches, Xyo’s app search not only anticipates a user’s intent at a given moment, but it actively helps to express it via navigation built for each possible query. This approach allows Xyo to overcome the generic nature of most user behavior. The company has now deployed the same technology for advertising. Xyo has collected a number of testimonials from industry executives. 'People have been talking about search engine marketing (SEM) for apps for quite some time, but I still haven’t really seen it. I think Xyo has cracked it! It’s a combination of a search interface and a semantic understanding, meaning that it has both the intent and the relevance you need to make it successful,' said Raj Singh, CEO of AI-calendar app Tempo."


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Image: Courtesy Xyo