Yahoo! Acquires Aviate and Its Contextual Search System


Jim Edwards of Business Insider reports, "Yahoo has acquired Aviate, a company that provides 'contextual' app search and organization for mobile phone users, Marissa Mayer announced at CES — the huge tech conference in Las Vegas — today. 'Contextual' search is becoming a huge deal at the major tech brands. Google, Microsoft's Bing, Apple and Facebook all have contextual or 'semantic' search efforts under way."


Edwards continues, "In the case of Yahoo's new Aviate business, the product will organize the apps on your phone's homescreen according to its best guess at what you need to see right now. As you carry your phone around, Aviate 'suggests music apps in your car, fitness apps in the gym, bringing you what you need when you need it,' Mayer said. If you have a history of looking up stocks on your phone, you could 'wake up to a homescreen of stock quotes instead of having to scroll for an app'."


He goes on, "The problem Mayer is trying to fix is (probably) right there on your own phone: You download loads of apps but use only a few of them. Sometimes, you have to scroll through several screens of unused or irrelevant apps to get the one app you need right now. 'The future of search is contextual knowledge, and we're investing to be part of this future,' she told attendees."


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Image: Courtesy Yahoo!