Yahoo7 Upgrades to Bigdata Open Source Graph Database

bigdataPenny Wolf of IT News in Australia reports, "Yahoo7 is rolling out a semantic publishing platform across the web sites that promote Channel 7’s local free to air programs, building its new content systems atop an open source graph database. Craig Penfold, CTO Yahoo7 was inspired by a similar project undertaken by the BBC, which initially launched semantic web publishing for the channel’s 2010 World Cup website to increase viewer engagement. After conducting research and discussions with BBC and Yahoo, the Yahoo7 team chose to change the datastore from a standard SQL database to a graph database."

Wolf continues, "Leveraging know-how from Yahoo US, Yahoo7 partnered with an American open source company called Systap for assistance in designing the semantic site. Systap offers consulting services around the Bigdata open-source graph database, which is written entirely in Java. The front-end of Yahoo7's new site is based on HTML5. Penfold told iTnews that standard TV websites group content for any show into format types such as galleries, videos, articles, 'but that’s not the way viewers want to interact with a TV website.' Viewers, he said, 'want to view all the relevant content dynamically, [as they relate to] teams, competitors, locations and judges. By changing the underlying datastore we are able to pull in all the content around a character dynamically and at scale'.” Read more here.

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Image: Courtesy Bigdata