Yummly Redesigns Website, Upgrades "Yum" Button

Yummly has announced "the launch of their redesigned website for their over 7.5 million unique visitors. Announced in conjunction with Yummly's new revolutionary native advertising platform, Yummly Advertising, the new Yummly unveils a fresh design that delivers an easy, beautiful and innovative experience for the more than 183M cooking enthusiasts in America today… Yummly's New Take on Cooking Launched in April of 2010 by cofounders David Feller and Vadim Geshel, Yummly's food and recipe platform understands recipes from across the Internet and match them with its users' tastes. Designed with simplicity and usability in mind, the new Yummly redesign mixes a scoop of high tech and a healthy dash of user feedback to provide a vastly improved user experience. The company will also be rolling out additional features and enhancements to the site over the next few weeks."

Included in this update, Yummly has improved the site's social integration: "As part of their individual settings, users can utilize the pervasive Yum button to share their discoveries and favorite recipes on Facebook. Simply 'Yum' a recipe and that endorsement will seamlessly appear as an update on the user's Facebook Timeline and Newsfeed through Facebook Open Graph." In addition, "Yummly Advertising's native online advertising platform features integrated, contextual and useful ad placement within recipe search results, providing the Yummly cooking community with comprehensive brand suggestions."

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Image: Courtesy Yummly