Zemanta CTO on the Smart Personal Assistant

Ryan Kim recently spoke to Zemanta CTO Andraz Tori regarding the company's role in the growing smart personal assistant field. Kim writes, "When I first heard of Zemanta, I thought of it as a great tool for bloggers, helping recommend links, content and images. And it does that quite well, helping some 80,000 active users. But after talking with Zemanta’s CTO and co-founder Andraz Tori, our conversation turned to the bigger picture of what New York-based Zemanta is doing. And it’s really in a similar vein as Apple’s Siri, IBM’s Watson and other services. We’re now entering the age of the smart personal assistant, as computers increasingly listen and understand what we’re saying and fulfill our requests and questions in real time."

Kim continues, "Siri and Watson have gotten a lot of attention but the interesting part is what’s happening behind the scenes. Computers are increasingly using natural language processing, semantic analysis, and machine learning, combined with loads of data to “understand” humans, conjure up answers and recommendations or direct people to services and information. Tori said we are going to start seeing this type of service in a variety of areas, providing a personal level of computing that hasn’t been possible before. It’s not just going to be in smartphone apps like Siri, but woven into all kinds of services."

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Image: Courtesy Zemanta