2018 DATAVERSITY Mid-Year Top 20

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It’s halfway through 2018 and time once again to post the Top 20 pieces of content published and consumed by you, the community, within the last year. What are people reading, sharing, and discussing?

So, what’s happening on the list?

Machine Learning continues to hover towards the top and makes a couple of appearances. No surprise Data Governance likewise shows up multiple times. Everyone from the DBA to the Analyst to the CDO / CIO / CTO is looking for better Data Governance practices. And for the first time, in walks Blockchain entering the Top 20 at number 14.

This Top 20 list also shows more of a well-rounded set of topics. It’s not top heavy with analytics or bottom heavy with learning the different database types as in years past. We are seeing more and more companies and individuals looking at the data from beginning to end and all the steps in-between.

And without further ado, I present the hottest content thus far in 2018:

  1. Article – Data Management Trends in 2018
  2. Article – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2018
  3. Article – Data Management vs. Data Governance: Improving Organizational Data Strategy
  4. Article – A Brief History of Big Data
  5. Blog – What is Advanced Analytics and How Can it Advance Your Organization?
  6. Article – Data Governance vs. Data Architecture
  7. Article – The Business Analyst in the World of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  8. Article – Metadata Management vs. Master Data Management
  9. Article – Data Governance Trends in 2018
  10. Article – Data Architects and Data Modelers: The SQL/NoSQL Debate is Dead
  11. Blog – How to Make Decisions About Data Modeling Relationships in Databases
  12. Article – Data Modeling Trends in 2018
  13. Article – Serverless Computing and Serverless Architecture: An Overview of BaaS, FaaS, and PaaS
  14. Article – Blockchain Demystified: The Next Database Management Evolution
  15. Blog – Three Traditional Storytelling Techniques That Add Value to Data and Analytics
  16. Article – Data Science vs. Business Intelligence
  17. Blog – Seven Things Artificial Intelligence Won’t Do
  18. Article – The Strategic Chief Data Officer: Leveraging Data for Customer Value
  19. Article – The Future of Big Data: Next-Generation Database Management Systems
  20. Article – Semantic Web and Semantic Technology Trends in 2018

We’d also like to introduce the Top 10 webinars year-to-date based on registration numbers. The webinars are growing with rich engagement from the community. And thanks to that engagement and demand, we are producing more webinars than ever. Last year we produced a total of 88 webinars. At the end of June this year, we have already produced 50 webinars. And on this list, I think you might notice Data Governance is a hot topic.

The Top 10 Webinars:

  1. Real-World Data Governance: Metadata Governance for Vocabularies, Dictionaries, and Data
  2. Real-World Data Governance: Formalize Data Governance with Policies and Procedures
  3. Data Architecture Strategies: Emerging Trends in Data Architecture – What’s the Next Big Thing?
  4. Real-World Data Governance: Everybody is a Data Steward – Get Over It!
  5. Data-Ed Online: Data Modeling Fundamentals
  6. Data-Ed Online: Data Governance Strategies
  7. Real-World Data Governance: Using Data Governance to Protect Sensitive Data
  8. Real-World Data Governance: Using Data Governance to Achieve Data Quality
  9. The Five Pillars to Data Governance 2.0 Success
  10. Hybrid Data Models – Relational + JSON


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