6 Ways to Cure a Big Data Headache

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Headacheby Angela Guess

Owen Shapiro of AdAge recently wrote, “While you are preparing to take maximum advantage of all the glorious opportunities big data offers, keep in mind that big data can also pose serious threats to businesses. Here are six solutions to the headaches that big data can bring.” Headache one is unsecure data: “For companies that are collecting and storing vast amounts of customer data, the most obvious threat is a massive security breach of the sort that has plagued Target Corp., Home Depot and J.P. Morgan Chase. Hundreds of other companies have experienced similar data breaches in the past couple of years, all because the people hacking into corporate databases have been more ingenious and persistent than the people trying to keep them out.”

Shapiro goes on, “The solution: Better security in the big data era doesn’t mean a well-intentioned policy review — it means committing to a long-term investment in the infrastructure and personnel needed to safeguard what is rapidly becoming every organization’s most important asset: its customer data. The more people trust companies with their personal information, the more companies need to be worthy of that trust.”

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