Why Data Management Should Collaborate with Security

by David Schlesinger CISSP While some people still believe that data protection and information security require different skill sets (and they are correct), they further believe that each discipline does “just fine thank you” when operating in isolation.  This last belief is as wrong as believing that nobody will hack your home computer because it […]

Conversations about Big Data – Who Can See What?

by David Schlesinger CISSP Traditional Database Management Systems have ways to make sure that not everybody can see everything.  Thus, the clerks in the sales office cannot see the personal health history of the CEO (if the CEO complains loudly about the cost of Viagra at office parties however, confidentiality in the computer system is […]

The Netherlands Ministry of Justice Metadata Workbench: Composing XML Message Schemas from OWL Models

by Harry Biersteker and Ralph Hodgson Exchanging information between government parties requires a consistent, reusable and repeatable approach to specifying data exchanges as structured electronic business documents built from components. At the Ministry of Justice in The Netherlands, hereafter referred to as “The MoJ,” a new approach is underway to construct XML Schemas from OWL Ontology […]

Shockwaves from the Edge: Part 3 in a Series

by Chunka Mui A mission critical question arises with edge innovations (see parts 1 and 2) that are driven by detailed information about products in customers’ hands and about the customers themselves. Will potential customers embrace it? Or are they too concerned about privacy and security? Consider the current situation. Not too long ago, ABN AMRO […]

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