Powerful Facts about Big Data

by Gil Allouche Maybe your company is considering implementing some sort of big data strategy for the first time. Or, maybe you already have implemented a big data strategy, but you’re not sure if it was the right decision. Maybe you’ve just heard about big data and want to understand a little more about this […]

Addressing the Big Data Talent Shortage

by Gil Allouche Big data is growing at an enormous rate. There’s more data than ever, and there are more industries beginning to institute big data technology too. Each day there emerge more and more ways in which big data can positively affect our lives and increase effectiveness and efficiency. It’s also becoming easier and […]

Hadoop or Relational – Wrong Question

by Gil Allouche Big data is on the rise. It’s being implemented by more businesses than ever, and it’s becoming even more available because of big data in the cloud which gives affordable, quality access to businesses of all sizes. The increasing popularity and accessibility make big data extremely attractive to many different businesses, which […]

Myths About Big Data

by Gil Allouche You’ve probably heard a lot of different things about big data recently. Maybe you and your business are considering implementing it, or maybe you’re just wondering what it can do for your company, or maybe you’re just not sure what’s true and what isn’t. Because of it’s relative newness there are still […]