The Team Behind the Glory

by Glenn J. Thomas I was going to write a second part to my ‘the data of death’ blog but that will have to wait for another time. Instead I want to focus on two specific events that have happened in the last couple days. Over the past several nights I’ve been staying up waaaaay […]

The Data of Death

by Glenn J. Thomas On Sunday, July 7th, two men that I knew died. The first was Ernest Borgnine.  Growing up I knew Ernest as the star of the sitcom McHale’s Navy or as I sometimes referred to it in my youth: “Gomer Pyle with boats”. In my college years, he was etched into my […]

Having the ‘Data Talk’ With Your Kids

by Glenn J. Thomas If you are a parent, you know that there are a number of conversations that many parents fear having with their child or children: 1)      Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc 2)      The ‘birds and the bees’ when young 3)      ‘Don’t do drugs’ 4)      The ‘sex talk’ when teenagers In fact, […]

Data Quality is Everyone’s Job

by Glenn J. Thomas @WarDuke In the last few months I realize that I have strayed away from the base topic of data and data-related functions. I did this in part to broaden horizons into the subjects of project management and management, two subjects that are also dear to my heart. (I appreciate DATAVERSITY™ supporting […]

And the winner is …. State IT Awards

by Glenn J. Thomas It’s been a couple months now since the entertainment industry finished up their awards season and as usual there were a slew of movies nominated that I have never seen or even heard of (sadly the ratio of “unknowns” to “knowns” increases proportionally with my age). This doesn’t bother me too […]

The Lost Art of Communication

by Glenn J. Thomas (@Warduke) As a project manager by trade and a staff leader by choice, I am well aware of the needs for effective communication both within a project team and also to assure that my peers and staff know what is expected of them and what is happening that might affect them […]

I Love EDW – You should too!!

by Glenn J. Thomas (@WarDuke) If you are a DATAVERSITY™ follower, you’ve likely been receiving email notifications on the upcoming Enterprise Data World conference to be held in Atlanta, April 29th – May 3rd at the Omni Hotel at the CNN Center. If you’ve attended EDW before I have no doubt that your reservations and […]

Does IT have too many ‘Chiefs’

by Glenn J. Thomas I seldom hear the idiom, “there are too many Chiefs and not enough Indians” anymore. Perhaps it has outlived its usefulness as an expression that there are frequently too many management in an organization or on a project and not enough people to do the actual work. Perhaps …. but perhaps […]

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