Guaranteeing Data Integrity in the Age of Big Data

Click to learn more about author Neil Barton. Volume dominates the multidimensional Big Data world. The challenge many organizations today are facing is harnessing the potential of the data and applying all of the usual methods and technologies at scale. After all, data growth is only increasing and is currently being produced at 2.5 quintillion […]

Cloud: The Future of the Data Warehouse

Click to learn more about author Neil Barton. In the past, implementing a Data Warehouse was like walking a tightrope between Data Quality and business agility. When they were first created, on-premises Data Warehouses were hugely expensive and inhibited agility. Building a Data Warehouse took years and cost millions, meaning only the wealthiest companies could […]

Four Tech Predictions for 2018

Click to learn more about author Neil Barton. With 2018 just barely started, the tech industry is expected to continue to grow, change and transform at the rapid rate we have seen in the last few years. New technologies to tackle the ever-increasing volume and complexity of data will continue to provide more opportunity for […]