Avoiding a Big Data “Epic Fail”

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The IT world is being reshaped by three technology megatrends. Cloud computing, social computing, and
mobile computing are delivering astounding new value. But they’re also forcing organizations to adopt new
approaches to IT while aligning new realities and demands with their traditional processes and infrastructure.
These megatrends are redefining the “where,” “what,” and “how” of the computer industry and are fueling
explosive growth in big data—larger volumes, greater variety, and faster velocity.

  • The “where” of computing is moving from on-premise to cloud computing, creating a new wave of data fragmentation and changing the economics of computing.
  • The “what” is shifting from transaction processing to “interaction processing”—people interacting via social media and devices interacting via “the Internet of things”—unleashing unprecedented volumes of interaction data.
  • The “how” is moving from desktops to mobile devices, empowering users with context-aware and location based services and generating a surge in device and sensor interaction data.

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