BI May Finally Meet Its Potential Via Big Data

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Matt Asay of ReadWrite recently wrote, “Business Intelligence was the buzzword of the 1990s, scoring oodles of venture capital cash and plenty of customers, a huge percentage of which never got much value from their hefty investments. The promise of BI, like Big Data today, was to give business users the tools to turn raw data into actionable insights. That was the sell, anyway. Despite grandiose promises, much of BI’s potential was obscured by the cost and complexity of deploying it. A new generation of BI solutions like Tableau have arisen to strip out the complexity of yesterday’s BI. Unfortunately, virtually all of this newfangled BI remains fixated on structured data buried in relational databases. Most of the world’s information is semi-structured or unstructured, making today’s data a poor fit for yesterday’s BI. When is someone going to create an BI offering born for Big Data?”

Asay continues, “Actually, someone just might have done this, though you may not have heard of them yet. Zoomdata is one of the latest entrants into the Big Data BI market, with venture backers that include NEA and Accel Partners. Given how much money VCs wasted on the last round of BI, this isn’t all that impressive by itself. No, what sets Zoomdata apart for me is not their VCs or even their customers (some of which are quite large—more on that below). Rather, Zoomdata’s magic is that it is built for the unstructured Big Data world. Rather than stripping away rich data models in Hadoop, MongoDB or Cassandra, Zoomdata embraces them.”

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photo credit: Zoomdata

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