Big Data Tools for Publishers

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contentby Angela Guess

Writing for EContent Magazine, Kashyap Kompella reports, “After a period of relentless hype, clarity is emerging on use cases for Big Data, and the toolsets are also showing signs of maturity. Digital media publishers may have been slow to join the Big Data party, but it is not too late. This article provides a quick overview of the Big Data tools for publishers, and the focus here is not on internal business intelligence use cases, but on the content-creation side of the business. Publishers care about two main stakeholders-readers and advertisers. In catering to them, three factors are paramount: 1. What content to create. 2.How to personalize the content for the reader. 3. How to effectively monetize the generated traffic. Let’s look at the Big Data tools and techniques available to address each one of these issues.”

Kompella goes on, “Your content strategy, which is based on the needs of your target audience, mainly drives decisions around what content to create. To a large extent, cracking this part of the puzzle is more of an art than a science. You rely on editorial expertise and sound journalistic judgment-tools only have a limited role to play here. However, there are several tools to inform and aid your decisions. Of course, there is web analytics software that lets you discern important information such as trends in traffic and content consumption patterns. This technology is reasonably mature and examples of tools are Google Analytics, Webtrends, Adobe (Omniture), and IBM (Coremetrics). Typically, these tools incorporate data from mobile devices and apps as well.”

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