Bringing Immortal Data to Life

Click to learn more about author Stanley Zaffos. As our abilities to create digital twins or models of our business and manufacturing processes, the things we build, weather patterns, games, traffic flows, voting patterns, DNA, and chemical and nuclear reactions, etc. have improved. So have our ambitions. We are now on the path toward creating […]

What Makes a Data Analyst?

Click to learn more about author Mathias Golombek. Today’s businesses rely heavily on customer, product, process, input and market data. They increasingly need talented, skilled people who can extract information and insights from the data. But what skills are employers looking for? In data analytics, there are some skills and qualities employers look for in all applicants. While education […]

The New Emerging Modern Data Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Click to learn more about author Sean Martin. Machine learning and artificial intelligence’s preeminence is the natural outcome of the post Big Data landscape. Characteristics of this new reality have far surpassed the traditional “three v’s” of Big Data. Higher volumes of data now include greater distributions of data. Increased velocities are now real-time. Data’s […]

How to Choose the Right Tech to Turn Your Big Data and Cloud Strategy into Big Wins

Click to learn more about author Mathias Golombek. Using an analytics database and a hybrid approach to revolutionize your strategy. Data. Data. Data. It doesn’t matter how many times people mention the word it’s not going to magically transform your organization into a data-driven powerhouse. You need a clear strategy to manage the ever-growing mountain […]

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