Why Organizations Are Embracing Automation in Security and Beyond

Compared to other organizational departments, security teams generally embraced automation on the early side. Frontline analysts facing ever-evolving cyber attacks, hampered by too much work and not enough staff, were quick to take advantage of technology that could automate tedious tasks and mission-critical workflows.  Now, departments throughout organizations are following security’s lead. From infrastructure to […]

Navigating SQL Server High Availability in Kubernetes for Improved Performance

There’s a compelling rationale for SQL Server not being the easiest pick for Kubernetes containerization initiatives. SQL Server environments are often characterized as formidable entities, known for their substantial scale and tendency to consume a significant portion of budget resources. Furthermore, SQL Server environments: Containers offer substantial potential for enhancing SQL Server’s agility, flexibility, and […]

Hybrid Cloud Challenges and How to Avoid Them

Hybrid cloud solutions are indispensable in achieving a balance between data security, scalability, and innovation for banking, fintech, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) industries. These sectors encounter unique challenges, including regulatory complexities, data sensitivity, rapid transaction processing demands, cybersecurity risks, legacy systems, competition, shifting customer expectations, organizational resilience, and global operations. To overcome […]

Biometric Data Security: Advancements and Concerns

Biometrics was once a novelty reserved for spy movies and top-secret government facilities. Today, we carry it in our pockets and use it for mundane things like signing into Facebook. While biometric data security technology offers advantages not available through conventional passwords, it also has unique privacy risks and limitations. What Is Biometric Data? Biometrics […]

Invest in Geo-Redundancy Before It’s Too Late

The summer of 2023 was marked by one extreme climate crisis after another: sweltering heat waves, catastrophic flash floods, wildfires blowing smoke all across the country, and some of the worst air quality in recent history. Furthermore, unpredictable weather patterns have been extending into the colder months, causing states like Texas to endure severe freezes, power […]

Achieving Successful Cloud Migration in Healthcare 

The healthcare cloud computing market is growing rapidly and is expected to exceed $62 billion by 2030. As cloud-based solutions become more prevalent in healthcare, they are transforming clinical, finance, HR, and supply chain operations. According to a recent survey of hospital and health system leaders, 45% of respondents already use cloud-based supply chain management technologies. By 2026, it’s […]

Three Causes of Cloud Migration Failure in Large Enterprises

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern business world, generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is taking the industry by storm. Companies increasingly recognize the transformative potential of GenAI and machine learning. To harness the full power of these technologies, it is critical for organizations to embrace cloud computing. Cloud migration is not a mere option but […]