Promoting Data-Driven Collaboration with an Enhanced Business Model Canvas

The number of organizations undertaking digital transformation initiatives continues to grow as businesses seek to increase profits using digitization and automation. The potential impact of digital transformation can be significant, so the stakes are high, as is the value of available data. According to IDC, $1.8 trillion will be spent on digital transformation in 2022, an increase of nearly […]

Are Data Warehouses Still Relevant?

Over the past few years, enterprise data architectures have evolved significantly to accommodate the changing data requirements of modern businesses. The emergence of advanced data storage technologies, such as cloud computing, data hubs, and data lakes, makes us question the role of traditional data warehouses in modern data architecture.  Data warehouses were first introduced in the […]

Beyond Traditional Backup Services: The Evolution of Workloads

Between 2020 and today, we have seen a tumultuous and transformative shift in the technological world. Of particular concern among organizations was a growing interest in new ways to manage invaluable data. Traditionally, data was stored in legacy backup services, including physical data centers, so when digital transformation accelerated, ensuring data remain secure and accessible became a […]

iPaaS Is Broken – Here’s How to Fix It

An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) can help businesses obtain the full value of their software investments, delivering speed, agility, and scalability, along with a host of other benefits. But the current approach to iPaaS is instead holding businesses back.  As the pace of digital transformation has kicked into overdrive in recent years, IT teams and […]

How to Select the Right Database

In today’s data-driven world, technologies are changing very rapidly, and databases are no exception to this. The current database market offers hundreds of databases, all of them varying in data models, usage, performance, concurrency, scalability, security, and the amount of supplier support provided.  Choosing a database is a different class of challenge. Selecting the right […]

What to Expect from Open-Source Data Infrastructure in 2023

Open-source technologies will become even more prominent within enterprises’ data architecture over the coming year, driven by the stark budgetary advantages combined with some of the newest enterprise-friendly capabilities added to several solutions. Here are three predictions for the open-source data infrastructure space in 2023: 1. Economic headwinds will make open-source data technologies even more attractive to […]

How Data Privacy Regulations Impact Network Security

Network security uses physical and software security solutions to protect network infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, failure, alteration, disruption, or unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data. Network security involves implementing security policies, procedures, and tools to prevent unauthorized persons and programs from accessing a network, connected devices, and network traffic. Network security applies to both public […]

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