5 Ways Data Storage IT Pros Enable Business User Self-Service

Enterprise data storage professionals are increasingly finding themselves at the center of business discussions: finding important files, showing departmental usage, recalling files from archives for an audit or new research, moving distinct data sets into the cloud to import into a new analytics environment, and deleting data to satisfy regulations. Meanwhile, these tasks have become […]

Are Verifiable Credentials Paving the Way for Reinforced Digital Privacy?

Whether we’re booking a flight or shopping online, we must go through multiple authentication processes to prove our identity. And that’s quite important from an infosec perspective.  However, proving our identities doesn’t necessarily need to be a complicated process, as the slightest bit of friction in authentication could be the reason for customers to switch […]

4 Essential Tools for DevSecOps Teams

DevSecOps (short for Development, Security, and IT Operations) extends the principles of DevOps to include secure development practices.  DevOps is a development method designed to create, test, and release software quickly, with high quality, and with the ability to rapidly respond to customer needs. This is achieved through task automation and management tools that streamline […]

Multi-Cloud Networking Design Checklist

As a principal solutions architect, I always start my cloud architecture discussions with the “triangle of truth,” or “holy trinity” of architecture principles for cloud: stability, agility, and security. You must have these three things. The rub is that hitting any two vertices of those pillars is pretty straightforward. Hitting one is trivial. From an […]

Data Mesh or Data Mess?

The ways in which we store and manage data have grown exponentially over recent years – and continue to evolve into new paradigms. For much of IT history, though, enterprise data architecture has existed as monolithic, centralized “data lakes.” More recently, as the role of data evolves and changes, so too does where that data […]

Boost Business Value with a Well-Defined Enterprise Analytics Strategy

As digital technologies spread their roots in the business world, organizations have access to more data than ever. This data becomes an essential organizational asset when utilized for enriching business strategies. But the process of turning data into insights is as important as the data itself. Hence, more and more organizations across sectors are deploying advanced analytics to grow […]

10 Cloud Computing Risks Every Business Should Know

Efficiency, flexibility, lower fixed costs, better collaborative opportunities, and scalability are just some of the most prominent aspects of cloud computing that appeal to businesses. Hence, it is no surprise that more than 70% of the world’s businesses now operate on the cloud. However, while cloud computing does allow businesses to maximize their potential, it is not […]

How to Mitigate the IT Challenges of Remote Work

During the pandemic, many businesses were forced to support remote work to stay afloat. While this shift was initially a temporary solution, the resulting increase in productivity and an overwhelmingly positive employee response has since led high-profile companies such as Google, Apple, Twitter, Salesforce, J.P. Morgan, and Slack to establish permanent hybrid and remote work corporate policies. Most […]

Doing Cloud Migration Right

More than 15 years ago, Amazon launched Amazon Web Services. Just two years later, more than 100 applications had been built on top of the platform. Fast-forward to today, and you know where this story winds up – nearly every enterprise company in the world deploys applications in the cloud in some form or fashion. […]

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