How Zero Trust Can Help Prevent Data Breaches

Data breaches occur when sensitive information, such as financial data, personal identities, or confidential business information, is accessed and potentially disclosed to unauthorized parties. This can happen due to various reasons such as hacking, malware, human error, or weak security measures.  The consequences of a data breach can be significant and far-reaching, including: Common Types […]

Data Observability vs. Monitoring vs. Testing

Companies are spending a lot of money on data and analytics capabilities, creating more and more data products for people inside and outside the company. These products rely on a tangle of data pipelines, each a choreography of software executions transporting data from one place to another. As these pipelines become more complex, it’s important […]

The Competition Between On-Prem and Cloud Is Over – Hybrid Wins

Many organizations, when faced with the question of how to manage their workloads, ask themselves: on-premises or cloud, pitting the two against each other. But the reality is that most enterprises are operating in the world of “and,” meaning they have workloads on-prem and in the cloud – and that little three-letter word makes a world of difference. According to the State […]

A Powerful Pair: Modern Data Warehouses and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like machine learning (ML) have changed how we handle and process data. However, AI adoption isn’t simple. Most companies utilize AI only for the tiniest fraction of their data because scaling AI is challenging. Typically, enterprises cannot harness the power of predictive analytics because they don’t have a fully mature data strategy. To […]

The Semantic Lakehouse Explained

Data lakes and semantic layers have been around for a long time – each living in their own walled gardens, tightly coupled to fairly narrow use cases. As data and analytics infrastructure migrates to the cloud, many are challenging how these foundational technology components fit in the modern data and analytics stack. In this article, […]

The ABCs of Successful Digital Transformation 

Modernizing and streamlining company processes to efficiently operate in today’s hybrid world has become critical. With promises of increasing revenue, providing improved experiences, and bringing innovation, it is no wonder that the market for digital transformation (DT) is predicted to grow to $3.4 trillion by 2026. As companies continue their quest toward successful digital transformation, leaders globally […]

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