The Struggles of Cloud and Data: Simplifying with a Single, Unified Solution

In today’s world, a single-environment approach to IT is no longer supporting the needs of modern businesses. According to my company’s fifth annual Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI), organizations today, and moving forward, are apt to use more than one infrastructure – a trend that only intensified during the pandemic due to supply chain issues. This unique combination […]

10 Data Streaming Challenges Enterprises Face Today

Businesses are swamped with a flood of real-time data coming from sources such as websites, social media, digital activity records, various sensors, cloud technology, and numerous machines and gadgets. The list keeps getting longer. The need for immediate analysis and customer insights has pushed the growth of this kind of data sky-high. And with that […]

Managing Data Costs on Azure

As more businesses migrate their operations and data to the cloud, managing costs becomes an increasingly pertinent concern. Microsoft Azure, being one of the most versatile and popular cloud platforms, offers a vast array of data services but also comes with its own set of costs.  Proper management of these costs can help businesses leverage […]

Building Resilient Data Ecosystems for Safeguarding Data Integrity and Security

The term “big data” is no longer the exclusive preserve of big companies. Businesses of all sizes increasingly see the benefits of being data-driven. Various factors have moved along this evolution, ranging from widespread use of cloud services to the availability of more accessible (and affordable) data analytics and business intelligence tools. Effective access to […]

Why AI Forces Data Management to Up Its Game

The Information Age has flooded the modern enterprise with data. Demand for enterprise storage capacity will only increase in the years ahead. By the end of this decade, new enterprise storage capacity shipments are forecast to be 15 ZB per year, with the active installed base exceeding 45 ZB. Where Is This Growth Coming From?  Business and […]

Unlocking the Full Potential of Cloud Technology: The Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

Cloud technology has revolutionized how businesses operate, offering scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to everyday tasks. And further progress is on the horizon – by 2024, Gartner estimates the cloud computing market will eclipse $724 million, up from $490 million in 2022. Just think about the headway IT leaders can make with this degree of investment […]