Unifying Big Data Workloads

Try querying Big Data sets and computing results through high volumes and variety across multiple independent storage systems – you’ll find a tangled web in the Tower of Babel, where platforms communicate in different languages. Then ask for speedy manipulations with that data set and it seems almost impossible. This describes the challenge faced by […]

Stratoscale V5 Redefines ‘Multi-Cloud,’ Enabling Cloud-Native Paradigm Everywhere

According to a new press release, “Today, hybrid cloud infrastructure provider Stratoscale announced the latest version of its namesake platform. Stratoscale V5 delivers key functionality that brings the company a step closer to its vision of multi-cloud hybrid computing, which aims to break down walls separating enterprise environments and the public cloud, applying the cloud-native […]

Data Governance vs. Master Data Management

“Data Governance is the creation of rules, the execution of those rules, and the adjudication of any violation of the rules,” remarked Frank Cerwin in a recent DATAVERSITY® interview. He likened its structure to the three branches of the government: “The legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch executes the laws, and the judicial […]

Why Your Enterprise Data Strategy Should Be a Hybrid

Click to learn more about author Neil McGovern. Many enterprises are still finessing their data strategies, and more often than not organizations are found comparing data warehouses and data lakes as standalone solutions. To that I say, why not do both? According to PwC’s recent data optimization survey, the top data challenges in the enterprise […]

Data Managers: Three Tips for Surviving the 5G Hype

Click to learn more about author Patrick Hubbard. 5G is increasingly touted as a panacea to solve all connectivity issues (apparently everywhere) and resolve existing bandwidth and latency issues. It’s being sold as a technology stack protocol—included in multiple hardware solutions—and now that it’s here, the world will shortly reverberate in millimeter-wave harmony. Well, not quite. […]

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