A Brief History of Semantics

As a word, “semantics” was first used by Michel Bréal, a French philologist (a language historian),in 1883. He studied how languages are organized, how languages change as time passes, and the connections within languages. Gen erally speaking, semantics is the study of language and its meaning.  More specifically, semantics can be used to describe how […]


Every December, we here at DATAVERSITY set aside time to dig through our data and reflect on the hits and misses of the year. We want to know: Which content did you, our data-loving readers, consume and enjoy the most? Which Data Management topics and experts helped you learn valuable new skills, succeed at your […]

What Makes a Great Data Scientist in 2023?

A great data scientist combines expert knowledge of various interrelated academic disciplines to help global enterprises make agile decisions for improved business performance. Data scientists use statistics, mathematics, data mining, and computer science to analyze data sets for observable trends and patterns. They are also experts in data collection and storage methods. The Bureau of Labor Statistics had predicted […]

How to Democratize Data Science

Efforts to democratize Data Science can be described as creating an environment that allows people with little expertise to perform Data Science research. This approach can be especially useful for businesses desperate to access the skills of a data scientist, but unable to hire one. A variety of user-friendly analytics tools have become available to support staff […]

Analytics Solutions: Applications and Use Cases

Data and analytics are particularly critical to today’s businesses because they improve strategic decision-making. Analytics solutions and use cases provide customers with added value in health care, retail, higher education, manufacturing, and other industries that capture a lot of valuable data.  By harnessing different types of analytics available, organizations across varying industries can understand how products are […]

How to Build a High-Performance Analytics Team

When most people think of analytics, they tend to picture a rigidly left-brained data scientist more at home with computer programming than creativity. But analytics leader and author John K. Thompson challenges such a notion. During his keynote presentation at DATAVERSITY’s Enterprise Analytics Online event, he proposed instead that the members of an analytics team can be […]

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