Cloud Computing vs. Data Security

Cloud computing has in recent years become both an essential service used in many industries and a ubiquitous part of the daily life of consumers. By offering remote access to computing services that can be rented out on a flexible, efficient, as-needed basis, it gives companies access to greater computer power and storage capabilities than […]

Understanding Data Management Tools

Data Management tools are used to develop and monitor practices, as well as organize, process, and analyze an organization’s data. These tools are designed to arrange and harmonize data, and should provide a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness. Data Management tools also support privacy, security, and the elimination of data redundancy. Effective Data Management […]

Knowledge Graphs: Context, Compliance, and Connections

“Graph is leaving a larger and larger footprint. And that is good,” said Thomas Frisendal in Knowledge Graphs and Data Modeling. Gartner named knowledge graphs as part of an emerging trend toward digital ecosystems, showing relationships among enterprises, people, and things, and enabling seamless, dynamic connections across geographies and industries. Elisa Kendall and Deborah McGuinness, […]

A Brief History of Data Management

Data Management is the organization of data, the steps used to achieve efficiency, and gather business intelligence from that data. Data Management, as a concept, began in the 1960s, with ADAPSO (the Association of Data Processing Service Organizations) forwarding Data Management advice, with an emphasis on professional training and quality assurance metrics. Data management has […]

Better Data Modeling with Lean Methodology

The process used today in systems development started with principles developed for assembly lines in the 1950s, when manufacturers wanted a more disciplined approach to producing goods and services.Products would come off an assembly line, they’d be inspected, defects would be found, and would be sent back to rework or start from scratch. This process […]

Database Management Trends in 2022

Historically, Database Management systems (DBMS) were simple software programs and associated hardware that allowed users to access data from different geographical locations. The system offers its users the ability to store data without concerns about structural changes, or the data’s physical location. Additionally, a Database Management system (DBMS) can set restrictions on the data being […]

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