A Data Recovery Secret That’s (Really) Ransomware-Proof

Cyber resilience is a top concern for businesses in every industry. A key reason for this is that businesses of all sizes continue to face an ever-increasing array of cyber threats including ransomware, malware, and spear phishing.  Ransomware is a particularly pernicious problem and a huge threat to organizations worldwide. According to Cybercrime Magazine, the collective […]

Advances in Data Warehouses

Data warehouses have advanced in the past few years, adding multiple enhancements and new capabilities. A data warehouse stores business data from a variety of applications and databases. It acts as a single repository, which an organization can access with BI (business intelligence) and analytics tools, before making decisions. A data warehouse provides faster processing […]

The Evolution of Data Virtualization: From Data Integration to Data Management

Data virtualization was first introduced two decades ago. Since then, the technology has evolved considerably, and the data virtualization of yesterday bears little resemblance to the data virtualization of today. This is due to several facts beginning with the limitations of legacy infrastructure, the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data that organizations were collecting, […]

Governors of Data: A Song About Data Governance

Editor’s Note: Data professional Tiankai Feng writes and performs songs about everything from lockdown to virtual meetings to analytics. We here at DATAVERSITY can’t stop humming “Governors of Data,” his catchy and clever ode to Data Governance – and we think you’ll enjoy it too. I started my role in Data Governance in January and realized quickly […]

IT Service Management Trends and Challenges

Due to the pandemic, the last two years have drastically changed IT operations, especially corporate IT service management, delivery, and support capabilities. In order to gauge exactly how these operations have changed, in late 2021, a global IT service management survey, The State of ITSM: Two Years into the Pandemic, was taken by 437 IT professionals, the […]

Don’t Put Off Unstructured Data Risk Reduction

In today’s digital world, stockpiling data has become an unrelenting requirement across virtually every industry. While there are numerous reasons to do so, a primary driver is the invaluable insights it offers to business leaders, helping them to make smarter, faster data-driven decisions.  Today, the majority of this stockpiled data is unstructured. In fact, unstructured […]

Today’s Decentralized World: Driving a Shift in Three Key Paradigms for Data Management

Pre-COVID data scaling, performance, and data services were largely manageable within the corporate data center. But the last several years have seen enterprises decentralize their data and IT systems, while employees now work remotely across different locations and geographies. This massive increase in remote work arrangements has created additional challenges around managing data access and […]

Cloud Data Management Challenges and Best Practices

Data sources are increasing at an accelerating pace, and so is the volume of data. In 2021, it was reported that 79 zettabytes of data were generated across the globe. The ceaseless growth in data volume has brought with it numerous challenges, with most of the challenges associated with access management, data security, and regulatory […]

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