AI and Data Privacy: Where Do They Intersect?

According to new research from IBM, 35% of companies now use AI in their business. From health care to manufacturing to government, data-driven organizations across all major industries are realizing the benefits of AI: automation of repetitive tasks, faster processing of data, improved accuracy, and more. But as AI adoption becomes more widespread and advanced, business leaders […]

Leveraging Enterprise AI

Leveraging enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) provides a system that can automate repetitive tasks, answer questions, and improve decision-making. The AI operates machine learning extensions and automated services to deliver satisfying customer experiences and can streamline research projects. Enterprise AI can be described as a combination of machine learning and deep learning algorithms.  With enterprise AI, managers and […]

Machine Learning Tools

Machine learning tools allow computers to become more accurate in predicting outcomes. The computer’s software makes decisions based on experiences rather than programming. The algorithm (basically a series of instructions) collects data on its interactions, and that data is used as feedback for the algorithm, which changes its behavior and responses, improving them over time. […]

Enterprise Blockchain Implementation: Use Cases and Challenges

Blockchain provides a functional and efficient tool for recording business transactions, contractual agreements, and private records. A blockchain can be described as an encrypted digital recording of transactions that is duplicated and distributed to computers that are part of the blockchain network. This form of communicating and sharing recorded data is extremely difficult to hack […]

Machine Learning Solutions

Machine learning solutions can be considered a subdivision of artificial intelligence, with multiple machine learning algorithms combined to create artificial intelligence. Some of these algorithms can, however, be used to accomplish specific, limited tasks, ranging from answering phones to recognizing images.  Machine learning (ML) solutions are normally used in situations requiring adaptability, a limited variety of […]

Fundamentals of AI Ethics

In the world of enterprise technology, AI is a fast-growing sector, with no end in sight. A recent survey by PwC found that 86% of executives expected AI to soon become mainstream in their organization. Data-driven businesses want to reap the benefits of AI implementation, including better customer relationships, more efficient business processes, and valuable marketing data. […]

Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms establish rules and processes that are used while processing a specific problem. These algorithms analyze data to predict the probable results of certain behaviors. As new data is received, these algorithms learn, optimizing and improving their responses using feedback from previous performances.  Combinations of machine learning algorithms can produce artificial intelligence (AI). Machine […]

Types of Analytics Used in Organizations

Data analytics in businesses help uncover competitive intelligence, actionable insights and trends. Different types of analytics enable businesses to gain an edge over their competitors. In the “data first” era, data-driven insights and decisions have become the key drivers of business performance. This post reviews the different types of data analytics routinely used in enterprises. […]

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