The Growing Importance of AI Governance

New technologies often engender fear and foreboding among people outside tech industries. The latest example of this trend is artificial intelligence (AI), which is a topic of much concern and misunderstanding among the public. It’s easy to dismiss these qualms as the common human tendency to mistrust the unknown. However, much of the alarm about AI […]

Large Language Models: The New Era of AI and NLP

Artificial intelligence (AI) has witnessed remarkable progress in recent years, with one of its most notable achievements being the development of large language models (LLMs). These models have revolutionized the field of natural language processing (NLP), enabling machines to understand and generate human-like text at an unprecedented scale. LLMs are sophisticated AI systems trained on large text […]

Fundamentals of Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation describes a mixture of advanced technologies – robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning – currently being used to make automated processes drastically more efficient and to augment humans. It encompasses a range of tools which can be automated, especially the more sophisticated aspects of automation, including analysis, discovery, design, measuring, monitoring, and reassessing. To function […]

Machine Learning Use Cases for Data Management

In 2023, machine learning (ML) is a powerful enabler for Data Management, revolutionizing the way organizations handle and analyze vast amounts of data. ML, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), offers various approaches to tackle Data Management challenges. With the ever-increasing “volume, velocity, and variety of data” being generated today, traditional methods of Data Management have become […]

Fundamentals of Real-Time Analytics

In the evolving world of business, the emergence of new technologies is aiding organizations to make agile and accurate decisions. Real-time analytics – which involves collecting and analyzing data as it happens – is one such technology that is changing the business landscape. With superfast identification of trends and patterns, businesses can leverage real-time analytics […]

Managing Risk with Frictionless AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) programs have existed longer than many people have been alive, with the first successful applications implemented in the 1950s. The 2020s promise greater AI potential that more businesspeople can use. Although modern AI brings powerful, accurate, and easier-to-use tools, organizations struggle to get the most value in their AI investments and achieve frictionless AI. To understand […]

A Brief History of Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) helps computers understand and use human languages. In the early 1900s, a Swiss linguistics professor named Ferdinand de Saussure died, and in the process, almost deprived the world of the concept of “Language as a Science,” which eventually led to natural language processing. From 1906 to 1911, Professor Saussure offered three […]

Transforming Data Quality with Machine Learning

Machine learning makes improving Data Quality easier. Data Quality refers to the accuracy of the data: High-quality data is more accurate, while low-quality data is less accurate. Accurate data/information supports good decision-making. Inaccurate data/information results in bad decision-making.  So, intelligent decision-making can be supported by supplying accurate information through the use of machine learning.  Machine […]