Advertisement Workshop – A Path Forward

A room full of interested parties gathered in Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus yesterday to discuss, its implications on existing vocabularies, syntaxes, and projects, and how best to move forward with what has admittedly been a bumpy road., you may recall, is the vocabulary for structured data markup that was released by Google, Microsoft, […]

The Semantic Link – Episode 9, August 2011

On Friday, August 12, a group of Semantic thought leaders from around the globe met with their host and colleague, Paul Miller, for the ninth installment of the Semantic Link, a monthly podcast covering the world of Semantic Technologies. In this episode, they were joined by special guest Steve Harris, CTO of Garlik, a UK-based […]

Hollywood Star Sighting: Blingalytics

At the SemTech San Francisco 2011 conference, Chris Testa of Adly spoke about a platform they used internally for Business Intelligenge analytics. There was great interest from the audience, and this week, Adly announced the release of “Blingalytics” as free, open-source software. While not explicitly semantic itself, Blingalytics works WITH Adly’s semantic system, serving as […]

Just because we can…

Semantic technologies of various flavours have the potential to discover connections and enable insights that are powerful, valuable, intriguing, insightful, and surprising. However, as with so many technologies, there’s a flip side. As tools grow more capable and data sets continue to blossom, it becomes ever more likely that the segmented lives of web users […]