Choosing the Right NoSQL Database For Your Needs

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nosqlnow-candy-artby Angela Guess

Thomas Casselberry of Information Management has put together a guide to help businesses determine which NoSQL database might be right for them. He writes, “In this big data market where the NoSQL database is king, there are more than 100 different offerings available in various licensed models. The fact that these non-databases vary is no accident. Each distinct implementation has different strengths, weaknesses, and generally accepted uses. However, the bulk of these break down into four major categories based on some common underlying characteristics.” Those characteristics are column families/wide column stores, document store, key value/tulip store, and graph databases.

Casselberry continues, “A heavy emphasis should be placed on the definition of your requirements. What are those? Well, that’s a large discussion all by itself. However, I’ll try to quickly paraphrase for the purpose of furthering this topic of discussion: Data requirements are artifacts captured during the process of defining application behavior with respect to gathering, storing, retrieving, or displaying information (data). For example, in your application are you processing stock quotes, working with CRM data, or processing social information? There are different needs for different application types and thus a varied number of NoSQL implementations, not all of which are designed to be applicable to your needs.”

Read more here.

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